Anonymous asked:
    do you believe that everyone is pretty?


    I’m actually really happy you asked me this.

    I’m going to be completely honest, if you asked me this a month ago, I would’ve probably thought.. well, no. But, I have just come to this realization (that’s actually quite obvious and simple) that, yes… Everyone IS pretty. Everyone has different preferences. For example, maybe you have a big nose and maybe you do not like your big nose because you prefer small noses… Well, that boy in your chemistry class happens to prefer your big nose over small noses. His idea of pretty is a big nose. Your nose.

    Staying true to my honesty, no, I do not find everyone in the world pretty. I think that because I have a certain preference for things. Everyone in the whole world has a different preference. So, I believe that everyone in the whole world is pretty….to someone. May not be me, may not be the boy you currently have a crush on, but that’s okay.

    You are pretty.

    Don’t forget that. 

    To My Sixteen Year Old Self


    To my sixteen year old self.

    Do you want the good news? Or the bad?
    The good news is we’re happy!
    The bad’s that we’re still barking mad!
    Round bout now you are leaving
    that strange emo phase
    when black nails, ribbons. lace
    and a moody face were all the craze!
    Now I am still…


    Dylan O’Brien & Tyler Posey (Obrosey) moments
    Teen Wolf panel at San Diego Comic Con 2014
    Photographed by Tiffany Chien (please credit if edited/reuploaded)

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    I’m so unphotogenic what am I going to do when I’m famous

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